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Welcome to my Portfolio

the beginning


Untrained, with innocence and only my wild imagination, I won 2nd prize in a random art gallery contest. In the artist, Christian Pendelio's words, "this painting is obviously not from someone trained, but it tells me in beautiful colours what was the artist thinking and that is the beauty of unrestricted imagination of a child, which is the true meaning of art that speaks"(as per recounted by my dad).


With that encouragement, I have always created work that goes as per my imagination brings me at the point in time.

As I grow, I start to wonder how I could use my unique imagination to be applied in practical use where I could improve human experience. This is where I strongly believe that pursuing a tertiary education in the field of design will help me acquire knowledge and skills required to expand the horizon of my imaginations and apply them for productive purposes of human experience. 

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